About the company



The company was established in 1998 as a company limited by shares. Primary focus of its activities is the provision of complex economic activities for broad spectrum of our service users.


Complexity of the economic services lies predominantly in the provision of economic, administrative, counselling & consulting services for our clients from the start of running their business, to the business activity itself to the moment of its termination, liquidation or cessation/closure.


Complex economic services include the area of administering and processing of bookkeeping of our clients, administrative and secretarial work, the area of organizational and economic counselling, tax proceedings procuration, audit of financial statements, complex administering and processing of employer’s wage records, trade mediation.


Our company’s work team possesses long-term professional experiences. Quality of the team is among the top guarantees of our responsibility and our effectiveness.


Any business activity of a natural or a legal entity is a specific activity requiring individual approach. The strategy of our company is based on a long-term cooperation with our clients. Their satisfaction with our work, serves as a proof.


Our clients on the long-standing basis are sole traders as well as small and medium business. Our services are also used by non-profit sector organizations, by civic associations or by foundations etc.


The complexity of our administrative and economic services ultimately relieves our client from challenging and time consuming legislative tasks and responsibilities.


Within the scope of providing counselling & consulting services, „hot - line“ cooperation with our clients has proven to be a success. We are there for you if you are seeking effectiveness, speed and operation.


Our team with long-term practical experiences is competent to continuously cover all the necessary information and regulations and therefore to subsequently provide full-valued and highly professional service to both current and potential clients. Confidentiality of information, flexibility, personal commitment along with the search for the best possible solution, according to our client’s need,s are the fundamental attributes of our work.